Your Defense Is My Specialty

Dedicated To Defending Your Rights And Freedom

I am attorney Charlie Clippert, a MNBA Certified Specialist in Criminal Law that has represented thousands of clients facing serious crimes in my 25 years as a criminal defense attorney, starting with my ten years as a public defender in the Twin Cities Metropolitan area.

The Board of Public Defense recognized me two years in a row as the attorney in the district with the most jury trials, representing clients charged with everything from driving offenses, driving while intoxicated, assault, sale and possession of narcotics, thefts, sex offenses, child pornography, and murder. I also have considerable appellate experience, having argued, and won cases at the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court.

I left the Public Defender’s office and joined a small firm practicing criminal defense and civil litigation. I eventually joined a large Minneapolis criminal defense firm, where I worked for over three years. Determining that a smaller, more individualized approach would provide clients with a better defense and results, I left the firm to found Clippert Law Firm in St. Paul.

A Recognized Commitment To Criminal Defense

Along with clients, I have served the legal community in numerous roles. I served as a board member and as the president of the Ramsey County Bar Association, as well as worked as an adjunct professor at William Mitchell College of Law.

I currently serve as the Bar Association’s representative to the American Bar Association House of Delegates. I also serve on the Board of the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. My peers have also recognized me as a Super Lawyer.

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Have A Board-Certified Criminal Law Attorney On Your Side

I have extensive experience defending clients charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanors to serious, complex felony level offenses. If a police officer is knocking on your door or wants to talk to you about an incident, the officer is not gathering evidence to prove your innocence.

The moment you are under investigation for a crime is the moment you need an attorney representing your interests. As an MNBA Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, I have the experience and dedication to help you. When you need an experienced criminal lawyer, send an email or call Clippert Law Firm at 651-300-4109.