Charlie Clippert’s Experience as a Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer

Minneapolis Criminal Defense AttorneyCharlie started his legal career as a public defender in the Twin Cities metropolitan area.  During his ten years as a public defender, Charlie represented clients charged with everything from simple driving offenses, driving while intoxicated, simple assaults, domestic assaults, felony assaults, sale and possession of narcotics, thefts, sex offenses, child pornography, and murder.  The board of Public Defense recognized Charlie two years in a row as the attorney in the district with the most jury trials.

Charlie left the Public Defender’s Office and joined a small firm practicing criminal defense and civil litigation.  He eventually joined a large Minneapolis criminal defense firm where he worked for over three years.  Charlie left the large firm to start his own firm, determining that a smaller, more individualized approach would provide clients with a better defense and most likely achieve better results.

Charlie also has considerable appellate experience.  He has argued and won cases at the Minnesota Court of Appeals and the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Charlie has also served the legal community in numerous roles.  He served as a Board member and as the President of the Ramsey County Bar Association. Charlie currently serves as the Bar Association’s representative to the American Bar Association House of Delegates.  He also serves on the Board of the Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  Charlie has previously worked as an adjunct professor at William Mitchell College of law.  Charlie has also been recognized by his peers as a Super Lawyer.

Most people are brought into the court system when a police officer observes a person committing a crime or someone calls the police to report a crime.  The police then investigate the alleged crime.  The investigation can be brief.  For example if a person is stopped for driving while impaired, the officer will do a brief road side investigation before deciding whether to make an arrest or not.  In other cases, such as child pornography offenses, criminal sexual conduct, white-collar crimes, and drug offenses, the investigation can take days, weeks or months depending on the circumstances.  If a police officer is knocking on your door or wants to talk to you about an incident, the officer is not gathering evidence to prove your innocence.  The moment you are under investigation for a crime is the moment you need an attorney representing your interests.  After the investigation is complete, the case is submitted to the charging authority for possible charges and prosecution.

Driving While Impaired and other driving offenses:

A charge of driving while impaired can result in consequences beyond a criminal conviction. A DWI conviction can trigger a revocation of your driver’s license along with more serious sanctions for individuals with multiple convictions.

Simple Assault/Domestic Assault/Felony Assault:

Simple assaults and domestic assaults are misdemeanor level offenses for a first time offenses. Assaults can be enhanced to a gross misdemeanor and a felony if a person has prior convictions. A first time assault can also be charged as a felony based on the level of injury to the victim.

Controlled Substance Crimes:

People typically get charged with controlled substance crimes in two different ways. People commit a minor traffic offense or have some incidental police contact and they are searched and found to be in possession of drugs. The other manner individuals get arrested for controlled substance offenses is by a police officer, or someone working for the police, making buys which lead to an arrest. Drug offenses are serious crimes that can result in significant prison sentences.

Sex Offenses:

The mere allegation that someone has committed a sex offense can ruin that person’s reputation in the community. Even if they are eventually acquitted or the charge dismissed, the damage is already done. Sex offenses can range from possession of child pornography to what is typically called rape. The charges typically carry very serious prison sentences and also require the person to register as a sex offender.


There is no more serious crime than murder. The charge itself is devastating. A conviction is even worse. Defending someone against a murder charge is difficult. You need an experienced attorney who knows how to defend against the charges to bring about the best result possible.

Charlie Clippert has the extensive experience defending people charged with crimes ranging from misdemeanors to serious, complex felony level offenses.  If you are charged with or under investigation for a criminal offense, you need a strong advocate.  Charlie Clippert has the experience to handle your matter.

When you need an experienced St Paul & Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer call Charlie Clippert at 651-300-4109.